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 2017/18 Monthly Meeting Schedule & Location
Location: Walkley Arena Ellwood Hall
* NOTE: START TIME 1900hrs
If you are unable to attend one of the general meetings, you must email Shawn Corcoran with a valid reason.
Bytown Hockey District Coaches & Managers ….. Exhibition Game Request
To Request Officials for a House Exhibiton Game click here. All Bytown game schedule changes must go thru the Bytown scheduler and not the assignors.
To Request Officials for Competitive Exhibition Games click here.
Hockey Playing Rules
Off-Ice Officials Guide Book
Game Timing Extract
Looking to transfer into our District from another Branch?
You must complete the HCOP Officials Interbranch Transfer Form and submit it to Fred Cosgrove DBOA RIC for consideration.
New Officials
Applications are open for 2017-2018 season online. Must be 13 years old as of January 1st, 2018. If Interested, please fill out the following application form (Application Form). Any questions please contact Director of Mentorship.
If interested and at this time would like to indicate your interest to receive reminder emails, please fill out the following form (Indicate Interest Form).
How to Complete Game Sheets
Click here to see how the Game Sheet should be properly filled out.
How to Complete a GIR
HEO has prepared a document on how to Game Incident Report in Minor Hockey and can be found here.
Issue of Pay Cheque's
1. Cheques may not be picked up by someone else. The only exception is for people that have District B games that night, no other districts' or associations' games can excuse you from this.
2. In order to get your cheques you must attend the meeting, wait for the next meeting, OR you can get your cheque mailed to you for a $5 administration fee.
Hockey Canada Screening Program for Officials
All the information and documents can be found here.
Supervision Request Form
This form is to be used by officials requesting to be supervised and for a supervisor to give us feedback. The forms are now completed and submitted online. To access the forms click here.
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